Yasuda Hanpo (1889 –1947)

The Open Door in the Middle of the Night

Yasuda Hanpo (1889 –1947)

Item number: T-3416
Size: H 71.5" x W 26.2" (181.5 x 66.5 cm)
Era: Taisho era (1912-1926)

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Ink on silk

The painting shows us a Chinese city deep in night, with a full moon and outlines of several two-storied buildings by water.  Ink lines and ink wash are expertly used to convey a sense of dreamy silence and a darkness that is defined only by moonlight.   One balcony door is open, revealing a figure that looks out at the viewer, with a mysterious smile.  The reason for the smile is left to our imagination, as the title gives us no clue.  Whether this smile is in anticipation of a clandestine tryst, or whether the person is delighting in the moonlit scenery, is up to the viewer to decide. 

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