Yamazaki Mushu (b.1966)

Farmhouse Incense Box

Yamazaki Mushu (b.1966)

Item number: T-2182
Size: H 1.8" x W 0.8" x L 3" (4.5 x 2 x 7.7 cm)
Era: Heisei era (1989-present)

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A kogo incense box in the shape of a farmhouse with thatched roof, formed entirely of lacquer reinforced with cloth in the kanshitsu dry lacquer technique. The outside is decorated with multiple hues of gold lacquer using the hiramakie, takamakie and togidashi lacquer techniques, as well as with very fine nashiji gold flakes, inlays of minute kirigane gold foil pieces and inlays of mother-of pearl. The side and the bottom surfaces are in a rustic matte green lacquer and the rims are made of pewter. The inside is decorated with rat holding a tama jewel, made in gold takamakie raised lacquer, red lacquer and micro-inlays of tiny kirigane gold foil pieces. The details of the rat’s fur and eye are extraordinarily fine.  The inside of the cover has a square red lacquer seal mark reading Mushu.The incense box comes with a protective silk cloth bearing a square black seal mark reading Mushu and with a fitted kiri-wood tomobako-box which is inscribed on the cover “Kanshitsu kogo kominka makie” or “Dry lacquer Farm House Incense Box in Gold Lacquer” and signed Mushu with a square black seal mark reading the same.

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