Yamashita Kochikusai (1876–1947)

Handled Flower Basket

Yamashita Kochikusai (1876–1947)

Item number: T-4276
Size: H 11.1" x W 13.4" (28.3 x 34 cm)
Era: Taisho era (1912-26)

Other views

Susudake bamboo, rattan; twill plaiting, square plaiting (on the base), bending, wrapping, knotting; copper liner

Signed: Kōchikusai kore o tsukuru 巧竹斎造之 (Kōchikusai made this)

Born in Osaka, from 1891 Yamashita Kōchikusai studied with Wada Waichisai I, one of the great pioneers of bamboo art in the Kansai region. He became an independent artist in 1901 and after a period mass-producing baskets for the export market, from the early Taisho period he concentrated on individual, highly finished works such as this. He was active member of the bamboo fraternity, exhibiting with the Naniwa Ran’yūkai (Osaka Friends of Basketry) and the Osaka Kōgeiten (Osaka Craft Exhibition). He had several pupils including Suzuki Gengensai. Baskets by Kōchikusai were presented to the imperial family.

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