Yamamoto Chikuryosai II (ac.1929-55)

Whitened Bamboo Handled Flower Basket

Yamamoto Chikuryosai II (ac.1929-55)

Item number: T-4277
Size: H 12.8" x W 10.5" (32.6 x 26.7 cm)

Other views

Madake bamboo; free-style asanoha hexagonal plaiting, wrapping; otoshi (water container) made from a lacquered unsplit culm of bamboo

Signed: Chikuryōsai tsukuru (made by Chikuryosai)

Fitted wood tomobako storage box inscribed outside Shiratake hanakago (Whitened-bamboo flower basket) and with a paper label inscribed Chikuryosai saku hanakago (Flower basket by Chikuryosai); signed inside Chikuryosai  with a seal Chikuryo with an added date Kanoe-saru chushu (August 1920)

The tomobako storage box for this informally plaited basket bears a date corresponding to 1920, a time when the first Yamamoto Chikuryosai (1868–1945) was active, but both the signature of the calligraphy and the seal used here differ from other recorded examples; furthermore, the use of whitened bamboo and the free-style plaiting suggest that the basket was made at a later date and is therefore probably the work of the second Chikuryosai, made after Chikurosai I started to use the signature Shoen.

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