Utagawa Reimei

Accessory Box with Azalea and Vine

Utagawa Reimei

Item number: T-4340
Size: H 5" x W 10.7" x L 12.9" (12.8 x 27.1 x 32.8 cm)
Era: Showa era (1926-89)

ca. 1940-1950

A rounded rectangular tebako (formal accessory box) and cover with kakego (interior hanging tray), the sides sightly convex, the exterior finished in polished black roiro lacquer and decorated in gold, silver, and colored takamaki-e and hiramaki-e with a dense design of rengetsutsuji (Japanese azalea, Rhododendron japonicum), a mejiro (Japanese white-eye, Zosterops japonicus) perched on one of the stems, the interior with a sparser design of yamabudō (wild mountain vine, Vitis coignetiae) chiefly in black and gold lacquer on a gold nashiji background, a grasshopper resting on one of the leaves, the base gold nashiji, the rims silver

Signed on the base with gold hiramaki-e characters Reimeisaku  黎明作 (Made by Reimei)

Fitted wood tomobako storage box inscribed inside Eiga seikatsu sanjūhachinen shukuga Mito Kōmon no seisaku o kinen shite Tsukigata Ryūnosuke ni okuru Shōwa sanjūninen kugatsu Ōkawa Hiroshi 映画生活三十八年祝賀 「水戸黄門」の制作を記念して 月形龍之介君に贈る 昭和三十二年九月 大川博 (Presented to Tsukigata Ryūnosuke in celebration of 38 years working in film and to commemorate the production of Mito Kōmon, September 1957, Ōkawa Hiroshi); label of Wako Department Store, Ginza, Tokyo

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