"Twin Skies with Fleeting Clouds" Box

Yoshio Okada (b. 1977)

"Twin Skies with Fleeting Clouds" Box

Item number: T-4374
Size: H 3.2" x W 3.1" x L 3.1" (8.1 x 8 x 8 cm)



Kanshitsu lacquer body body with inrōbuta (flush-fitting lid), enclosing an inner tray; gold, silver, aokin, and colored togidashi maki-e with gold nashiji on a polished black-lacquer ground; the inner tray gold nashiji on black lacquer

Signed on the base with gold hiramaki-e characters Yoshio tsukuru (Made by Yoshio)

With fitted kiri-wood tomobako storage box inscribed Maki-e kanshitsubako Sōten Ryūun ("Twin Skies with Fleeting Clouds" dried-lacquer box with sprinkled design) and signed Yoshio tsukuru (Made by Yoshio)

Exhibited: Fourth Sozai no Tenbō Ten, November 2017

The tray inside this reversible miniature box is enclosed by two lids—one decorated with the sun and the other with the moon. Another version of this design was awarded the Geijutsu Shinjin Shō  (Newcomer’s Prize) at the 36th Kyoto-Area Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition, held in 2007.

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