Tanabe Chikuunsai II (1910–2000)

Handled Flower Basket

Tanabe Chikuunsai II (1910–2000)

Item number: T-4227
Size: H 16.5" x W 9.3" x L 9.4" (42 x 23.5 x 24 cm)

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Bamboo, rattan; openwork uroko-style hexagonal plaiting over twill plaiting, square plaiting (on the base), bending, wrapping, knotting

Signed: Chikuunsai kore o tsukuru (Chikuunsai made this)

Fitted wood tomobako storage box inscribed outside Hanakago (Flower basket); inscribed and signed inside Sakai-fu Nanso Chikuunsai kore o tsukuru (Chikuunsai of the Nanso Studio in Sakai made this); seals: Denri no in (Seal of Denri), Chikuunsai

Born in Sakai City, Osaka, Chikuunsai II studied under his father, Chikuunsai I, from an early age. Using the name Shochikuunsai (“Little Chikuunsai”) from 1925, he first showed his work at the Teiten national fine arts exhibition in 1931. Following the death of Chikuunsai I in 1937, Chikuunsai II succeeded to the family name and began to exhibit frequently both domestically and internationally. He is admired especially for his personal style of intricate openwork hexagonal plaiting, known sometimes as uroko-ami (fish-scale plaiting), seen here in combination with an inner core of twill plaiting. The style of this work, coupled with the unusual (for Chikuunsai II) use of the location Sakai-fu Nanso instead of Tekisuikyo, suggest that it likely dates from his early independent period.

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