Takeda Koyo (1894-1964)

Hollyhocks Morning Glories and Maltese Cross

Takeda Koyo (1894-1964)

Item number: T-1317.1
Size: H 61.6" x W 57.9" (156.5 x 147 cm)
Era: Showa era (1926-89)

Other views

ca 1930's

Pair of two-panel folding screens with morning glories. Sensitive painting in ink and mineral colors on paper of summer flowers featuring red, blue and purple morning glories.The asymmetrical composition with clever use of negative space gives an open, airy feeling;  the brush work including the tarashikomi technique is masterful.  (The tarashikomi technique is an art form in which ink or mineral powders are dropped onto the painting while still wet, a technique developed in the 17th century by Tawaraya Sotatsu of the Rimpa School.)  Recently remounted in Kyoto, Japan, using the original soft metal hardware carved with a stylized design of flower blossoms.

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