Moon Spirit Box

Yoshio Okada (b. 1977)

Moon Spirit Box

Item number: T-3533
Size: H 1.5" x W 4.4" x L 5.7" (3.7 x 11.1 x 14.5 cm)

Other views

Makie gold lacquer This box entitled Moving Clouds and the Moon Spirit depicts the moon as a supernatural being with clouds dancing around it. The inlaid gold-foil moon is surrounded by cloud swirls that are executed in nashiji gold flakes and two tones of gold powders, as well as in inlaid abalone shell, which shimmer in green, blue, and purple colors. The design continues down all four sides and to the bottom. The rectangular box with arched top and bottom is made entirely in the kanshitsu dry lacquer technique, using as the base not wood but many layers of lacquer reinforced with hemp cloth.

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