Maeda Tounsai

Handled Flower Basket

Maeda Tounsai

Item number: T-4132
Size: H 16.7" x W 11.2" x L 10.2" (42.5 x 28.5 x 26 cm)
Era: Showa era (1926-89)

Other views

Susudake bamboo, dust, lacquer, rattan; twill plaiting, looping, twining, wrapping;  otoshi (water container) made from a lacquered unsplit culm of bamboo.

Signed: Tōunsai 東雲斎

Although there is little documentation available concerning this artist he has  previously been listed as active in the Kanto region (Tokyo and surrounding prefectures) in the pre-war period. This assumption is supported by several details of the present piece including the use of dust fixed with lacquer to give an antique appearance and the exposed loops securing the handle, a feature seen in works by Iizuka Rōkansai dating from about 1930. For a work by Tōunsai in the Lloyd Cotsen collection, see Joseph Newland, ed., Japanese Bamboo Baskets: Masterworks of Form and Texture, Los Angeles, Cotsen Occasional Press, 1999, p. 59, no.42.

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