Maeda Chikubosai II (1917-2003)

Bamboo Basket

Maeda Chikubosai II (1917-2003)

Item number: T-4362
Size: H 11" x W 6.8" x L 6.9" (28 x 17.3 x 17.6 cm)

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Bamboo, rattan, staining, lacquer; radial plaiting (base), modified mat plaiting, parallel-line construction, wrapping, knotting; striated and lacquered bamboo otoshi (water container)

Signed underneath: Chikubōsai kore o tsukuru  (Chikubōsai made this)

Fitted wood tomobako storage box inscribed outside Hikaru hanakago (Shining flower basket); signed inside Chikubōsai kore o tsukuru (Chikubōsai made this) with a seal Chikubōsai 

A native of Sakai City in Osaka, Chikubōsai II studied first under his father, Chikubōsai I, and from 1936 under Yamamoto Chikuryōsai I (Shōen), becoming an independent artist in 1941 and succeeding to the Chikubōsai name in 1952. He was named a Living National Treasure in 1995. Here he uses a technique that appears at first glance to be standard diagonal plaiting but on closer inspection proves to parallel-line construction: instead of being plaited, the split bamboo culms are held in place at the base in a version of mat plaiting, then twisted in opposite directions in alternate pairs and secured by knotting them to three bands of bamboo and to the rim; for a related example of this technique in a basket by Chikubōsai II, see A+C VWG, Baskets: Masterpieces of Japanese Bamboo Art, 18502015, n.p. [Catalogue of the Naej Collection], cat. no. 176.


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