Maeda Chikubosai I (1872-1950)

Flower Basket with Bamboo Rhizome Handle

Maeda Chikubosai I (1872-1950)

Item number: T-4181
Size: H 12.4" x W 15.3" x L 15.1" (31.5 x 38.8 x 38.3 cm)

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Susudake bamboo, rattan; asanoha- style hexagonal plaiting, twining, bending, wrapping, knotting; copper liner.

Signed: Chikubōsai kore o tsukuru (Chikubōsai made this)

One of the most important bamboo artists active in the Kansai region in the first half of the twentieth century, Maeda Chikubōsai I worked with Tanabe Chikuunsai I (1877–1937) from about 1912, making baskets for export. After a period of intense study of earlier baskets for the sencha style of tea drinking, he began exhibiting widely from 1926 and made several pieces for presentation to the emperor and imperial family. Chikubōsai I had access to an abundant supply of susudake (smoked bamboo gathered from the roofs of ancient farmhouses), which he used frequently in his work. For another basket by Chikubōsai in the Lloyd Cotsen Collection at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, in the same shape and with a natural bamboo handle but constructed using a different weave, see Melissa Rinne, Masters of Bamboo: Artistic Lineage in the Lloyd Cotsen Japanese Basket Collection, San Francisco, Asian Art Museum, 2007, no. 37 (p. 79).

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