Ida Senshu (born ca. 1980)

Tea Caddy with Fall Plants

Ida Senshu (born ca. 1980)

Item number: T-3849
Era: Taisho (1912-1926) or Showa (1926-1989)

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Turned wood with decoration in gold hiramaki-e on a polished black-lacquer ground; the interior gold lacquer.

Signed on the base in incised characters Senshū宣秋. Fitted wooden tomobako box inscribed on the lid Akikusa maki-e Rikyū-gata chū-natsume秋草蒔絵 利休形中棗 (Medium natsume of Rikyū type with fall plants); Heian Senshū saku平安 宣秋作 (Made by Senshū of Kyoto), with seal Senshū 宣秋

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