Hayakawa Shokosai IV (1902-75)

Bamboo Basket

Hayakawa Shokosai IV (1902-75)

Item number: T-4285
Size: H 24.4" x W 11.1" x L 13.1" (62 x 28.3 x 33.3 cm)

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Stained bamboo, rattan; chrysanthemum plaiting (base), mat plaiting, bending, wrapping, knotting; vertically scored and lacquered bamboo otosh

Signed underneath: Yonsei Shōkosai tsukuru (Made by Shōkosai IV)

Fitted wood tomobako storage box inscribed outside Teiryō hanakago (Handled flower basket) with a paper label inscribed Teiryō hanakago yonsei Shōkosai tsukuru (Handled flower basket made by Shōkosai IV); inscribed and signed inside Shōwa tsuchinoto-mi shoka yonsei Shōkosai tsukuru (Made by Shōkosai IV in April 1929); seal: Daiyonsei Shōkosai (Shōkosai the Fourth)

This is a rare early piece from the hands of Shōkosai IV whose training came to an abrupt end in 1922 with the relatively premature death of his father, Hayakawa Shōkosai III, an exceptionally harsh teacher who destroyed all of his son’s journeyman works. Shōkosai IV gradually mastered a full range of techniques, but his professional career was halted by the outbreak of war. After Japan’s defeat he moved to Kyoto and mostly created baskets for both the Chinese and the Japanese style of tea-drinking.

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