Gingko Tree and Seasonal Flowers

Gingko Tree and Seasonal Flowers

Item number: T-0815.1
Size: H 68.1" x W 135" (173 x 343 cm)
Era: Edo period (1615-1868)

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ca. 19th century

Six-panel folding screen with a gingko tree and seasonal flowers by a meandering stream.Painting in ink, mineral colors and gofun (ground sea shell powder) on paper with gold and silver leaf.The green color is made of ground malachite; the silver leaf, which represents the stream, has tarnished to a dark patina.  The painting technique tarashikomi, a classic rimpa technique that achieves shading by pooling successive layers of partially dried pigment, is visible on the tree trunk and on the hills.  The borders silk brocade includes woven gold leaf.

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