Box for Writing Implements with Courtier on Horseback

Box for Writing Implements with Courtier on Horseback

Item number: T-4118
Size: H 1.8" x W 8.8" x L 9.6" (4.6 x 22.3 x 24.5 cm)
Era: Edo period (1615-1868)

18th Century

A rounded rectangular suzuribako (box for writing implements) with kabusebuta (overhanging lid), the exterior finished in polished black roiro lacquer and decorated in gold hiramaki-e, lead sheet, and shell with a courtier wearing a black robe and formal cap riding a horse, the saddle cloth with wisteria and formal floral motifs, the reverse of the lid with snow-laden pine trees, the interior of the box laid out in typical Rinpa style with the suzuri (ink-grinding stone) and copper-alloy rectangular suiteki to the left and a slot for a brush to the right, the space to the right with a further snowy pine, the rims and the sides of the lid finished in gold lacquer  

Inscribed in gold hiramaki-e characters Seisei Kōrin tsukuru 青々光琳造 (Made by Seisei Kōrin)

Double fitted tomobako storage boxes, the lacquered-wood inner box inscribed in gold hiramaki-e characters Shunzei maki-e suzuribako しゅんぜい蒔絵硯箱

(Box for writing implements with Shunzei) and with a paper label inscribed Hokkyō Kōrin saku 法橋光琳作 (Made by Hokkyō Kōrin), the plain wood outer box inscribed Hokkyō Kōrin saku maki-e suzuribako 法橋光琳作蒔絵硯箱 (Maki-e box for writing implements made by Hokkyō Kōrin); cloth storage bag

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